Sunday, June 28, 2009

Johannesburg/Jo'Burg/Jozi - the population of the largest city in South Africa is almost 4 million and we plan on adding 21 to that for a few days, as least! I, for one, expect to experience as much of the culture as possible...possibly even tasting some chakalaka! When we arrive on Wednesday, the weather is expected to be partly sunny with temps running from a high of 60 degrees F and a low of...37 degrees! Layer, people! Thursday - sunny with temps about the same. Our hotel is in the Gauteng district, the shopping capital of Africa, offering lots of opportunities to separate one's self from one's money!
(Diamond Alert, Doug!) Gold was discovered in the 1800's catapulting this area from a dusty settlement to a major financial global force. I am certain that many of us will be adding to their financial status while dissipating our own! Hakuna matata! Stay tuned...we're almost there! Yea!

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